EWIS Ambassador Program

Dear Empowering Women in STEM - EWIS community, 

Thanks for your interest in becoming a part of the EWIS community. EWIS community is growing at UC Davis with almost 250 STEM women students being part of the EWIS network as of now. EWIS also has a global following of 71,000 FB followers and 750 followers on Twitter. I truly appreciate the enthusiasm shown by the community members to empower women and girls in STEM.

I have decided to start a group called EWIS Ambassadors at the local, national and international level. Local EWIS Ambassadors will work with me on doing the outreach to the STEM networks and to the girls locally and in CA. National EWIS Ambassadors will work with me to tap into the alumni and establish EWIS chapters nationally. International EWIS Ambassadors will work with me to build a global presence and act as ambassadors to girls and women in STEM disciplines in their respective home countries. EWIS International Ambassadors is specifically targeted towards international students on this campus although other students and professionals are free to get involved. Please fill out this survey and let me know about your interest in being ambassadors to young girls and women professionals in STEM disciplines and empowering them and yourself.


Being an EWIS Ambassador is a voluntary position and can require a biweekly time commitment of 1-2 hours.

Thanks for your interest!


Director, EWIS